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Farmer and Frenchman Winery was voted as Henderson, Kentucky’s Favorite Patio Dining in Henderson Family Magazine’s Family Favorite Contest. With Summer winding down, enjoyable fall weather is right around the corner and the outdoor dining season is far from being over. F&F was voted the favorite patio dining by no surprise as owners Katy and Hubert Mussat have worked hard since 2016 to create an enjoyable outdoor dining experience.


Here are 4 reasons F&F should be your top Outdoor Dining destination:

1.) The Views

Everyone knows that Robards isn’t exactly the biggest city. However, the views are so worth the short drive from Henderson city limits. Farmer and Frenchman’s patio overlooks the vineyards and acres of country farmland. Many restaurants patios are stuck beside a busy street with less than pleasant noises. F&F offers a quiet escape from the hustle and bustle. The most you hear is the laughter and chatter of other guests. The entire grounds of F&F is decorated with flowers and flora. Around the deck are often gorgeous flowers that provide excellent back drops for photos and the entire kitchen garden is right beside the parking lot. There’s no lack of photo opportunities with scenery like Farmer and Frenchman.

2.) The Atmosphere

The patio itself offers a rustic feel and the new patio furniture adds a special touch, but the real charm comes from the lighting. Many evenings, guests get to enjoy incredible sunsets while they enjoy their dinner. On rarer occasions, really lucky guests get the views of rainbows. Even if you aren’t lucky enough to see one of the natural occurring beauties, the retractable roof offers lighting at night and the ambience couldn’t be more romantic. If the roof isn’t rolled out, the deck still has the highly coveted string lights that As mentioned before, the quiet countryside reduces distracting noises and helps guests truly unwind and relax. The location of F&F is far enough away from the lights of the city, that the stars truly show up at night. Dinner underneath the stars is about as romantic as you can get.

3.) The Retractable Roof

This is NEW. If you haven’t seen it, you have to go immediately. Farmer and Frenchman recently invested in a retractable roof. In the event of rain or unbearable sun the roof can be rolled out to provide shelter, shade, cover, etc. If the weather is pleasant and not excruciating hot, the roof can be retracted so guests can enjoy the sunlight and warmth. The worries of rain checks and cancellations is no more.

4.) Heaters During Colder Months

As we all know some Kentucky nights get chilly. F&F’s incredible hospitality includes making sure that all guests are comfortable. On chilly nights heaters are placed on the patio to keep guests comfortable. The promenade, when used for dining, has large industrial heaters installed in the roof to create heat. Eventually, the outdoor dining area is moved to the barn during the harshest months of winter. The barn is spacious and has it’s own unique atmosphere, but is entirely temperature controlled.


It can be said for sure, that the experience on F&F’s patio is hard to find. If you are looking for somewhere to get fresh air and enjoy some wine, or have a romantic dinner under the stars then it’s time to make reservations at F&F by calling or texting 270-724-1856. If outdoor dining isn’t your thing then join F&F inside for year round dining.

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