Our signature vineyard-to-table cuisine is based on the natural link to our vineyard. Looking as a model to the historic European wineries and wine growing regions, there is an intrinsic link and original “locavore” focus where virtually all food is produced and consumed locally. Our food is designed to complement our wines and provide the natural linkage between food and wine.

Our menu offerings are seasonal and reflect the availability of our farming partners’ agricultural products.

Our Story
Farmer & Frenchman Winery, a family business owned by Hubert Mussat and Katy Groves-Mussat, opens for business in fall 2015. Since October 2013 we have been renovating, planting, building, and of course making wine. The idyllic setting is easy to find but hard to leave, located just off the Pennyrile Parkway on Highway 41 South.

Our philosophy is to make wine with the classic, old-style principles of Viticulture and Vinification, at the same time using state of the art technology to capture varietal and regional character.

So, come and visit! We invite you to take part in the essence of Kentucky. Visit our vineyard, see how we grow our grapes, how we make the wine, and, finally, sit back on our sun-drenched patio, and enjoy the vistas and beauty of the bluegrass while tasting the fruits of our labor.