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5 Considerations When Visiting A Dog Friendly Restaurant With Your Pup

dog friendly restaurants

Warm weather means outdoor dining, and with outdoor dining many restaurants offer the amenity of dog friendly dining outdoors. All dog parents love a dog friendly restaurant.

Before letting your dog tag along to your sunny lunch or sunset dinner, there are a few things to consider to make sure you have an enjoyable trip and those around you also have an enjoyable experience.

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1. Double Check That They Are Indeed A Dog Friendly Restaurant:

A simple phone call or message to the restaurant is sufficient enough. All restaurants are different, and policies vary from place to place. Even if you’ve brought your furry friend before, it is probably best to call and make sure the restaurant still allows dogs.

Nobody wants to pack up the pup, drive to their restaurant of choice only to be turned away. Neither you nor your dog will be happy if you have to immediately return home.

Farmer & Frenchman does allow extremely well-behaved dogs when we have seating available on the patio. However, if your dog is not polite or obedient, we do reserve the right to ask you to leave. It’s always best to call and make sure our deck seating is open before bringing your pup along.

2. There May Be Other Dogs And Animals.

At Farmer and Frenchman, we have our farm dog Ruby who is always supervised and leashed, but we also have our barn cat Peaches who roams freely and loves our guests. Peaches usually spends most of her time out hunting or around the cabins, but does occasionally greet outdoor dining guests.

If you plan on bringing your dog to dine outdoors please keep in mind that there may be dog, cat or even chicken sightings.

3. Leash Laws Still Apply

This is of most upmost importance to ensure all guests have a pleasant experience at the establishment. Yes, you and your dog are both welcome, but your furry friend needs to remain on their leash at all times. Outdoor seating at a restaurant is just not the time or place to practice recall training.

You need to be prepared to not only keep your dog on a leash, but to keep them under your table or chair at all times. Dog kisses and greetings may seem precious, but not all guests may agree.

Tip: Make sure to tie your dogs leash to your chair rather than the table. When tied to the table, dogs may pull and spill drinks or food.

4. Not All People Love Dogs

Yes, we know it is hard to believe. Your dog is perfect and adorable to you. However, other might not feel the same. Some people have allergies others have fear. Some guests just may not want to be seated nearby.

With this in mind, it is important to keep your dog away from other guests. We want every individual to feel respected and comfortable.

In addition, if you are bringing your dog with you, make sure you have plastic bags to clean up after your dog. This helps keep the grounds clean and enjoyable for everyone.

5. Check The Weather Forecast

Weather is so unpredictable. Most of the time we can accommodate our guests if the weather swiftly changes. We can move them inside if it isn’t too busy or bring out heaters if a cold wind comes. Restaurants will be limited to the accommodations they can offer if you have your dog with you. At any restaurant you would not be able to bring a dog inside if a rain shower appeared.

If it’s going to be a hot day, you may want to bring some cool water for your dog to enjoy while you dine. Concrete, decks, and patios also might be hot for your dogs paws.

Visit A Dog Friendly Restaurant Near You

If you and your dog are looking for a patio with beautiful views to enjoy, call or text Farmer and Frenchman and make reservations. Please remember we welcome only extremely well-behaved dogs.

Are you interested in an obedience class or workshop? Let us know, and we may slate an obedience class for dogs in our events calendar!

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  1. I have heard a lot about Farmer and Frenchman, Have not been there yet. Friends and even those that have had weddings and stayed there in a wonderful cabin setting. I look forward to visiting and treating my husband for his 67th birthday.

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