Simply put, Farm-to-Table refers to food that comes directly from farms and goes straight to the table to be consumed eliminating any middle man such a marketplace, grocery store, etc. At Farmer and Frenchman we work hand in hand with farmers across Kentucky and within Henderson County to source the freshest ingredients in order to serve high quality food to our customers. Farm fresh ingredients are also grown here at out F&F Kitchen Garden.

Benefits of Farm-To-Table

1.) Farmers reap more profits.

Eliminating middlemen helps ensure that your money goes directly to the farmer. Supporting local farmers by purchasing Kentucky Proud products not only helps the farmers and their businesses in your community, but boosts your local economy as well.

2.) Restaurants can serve higher quality fresh ingredients.

When restaurants like F&F build relationships with local farmers, produce and food products never sit on a shelf and don’t spend weeks in a distribution channel. Fruits and vegetables are picked just shortly before customers enjoy them served on their plate. Reducing transportation times and eliminating shelf time creates vibrant, flavorful, and fresh dishes.

3.) It helps the environment.

When food product is purchased or grown locally, it reduces the need for long distance transportation. This means food is spending less time on trucks which means less greenhouse emissions.

4.) Healthier and More Natural!

When food doesn’t travel weeks on a truck or sit on a shelf there is no need for preservatives or additives. When you consume farm fresh foods, you can be confident that you are consuming all natural food full of nutrients.

When you eat, you want to provide yourself with the healthiest and highest quality foods you possibly can. Dining at establishments that pride themselves as farm-to-table/ farm fresh restaurants is an easy way to keep yourself healthy, support your local farmers and support local restaurants in your community.