When dining at F&F, guests are surrounded by splendid countryside views, amazing architectural design, and stunning artwork. Just as many ingredients in the kitchen are sourced locally, the artwork displayed in the cafe are works all done by Jonathan Hittner, a local artist. F&F is honored to display Hittner’s artwork and appreciates the vibrant colors it brings to the winery. F&F is built on the support of friends and family which is why F&F is thrilled to have a close family friend, and talented artist display his artwork here.


Hittner is an Evansville, IN native who currently resides in Henderson, KY. His artwork has been shown nationally and has been shown regionally at the Gamut Gallery, the Melvin Peterson Gallery, the Evansville Museum of Arts, History, and Science, the now closed PG, the Ohio Valley Art League and the Arts Council of Southwestern Indiana. Hittner’s artwork displayed at F&F is all available for purchase. For more information about Jonathan Hittner and his artwork go to https://www.jonathanhittner.com/.

Hittner notes, “In this group of work issues of place, distance and affinity are explored. While investigating the perceptual intersection of the ideal and the actual, the pieces are coaxed to exist as both object and window. Using abstract and mimetic modes of representation, the world is understood as both a series of naturally occurring and systematically planned patterns. Depictions of these patterns are used to prompt questions pertaining to phenomenology, order and archetype. It’s a world of colors and shapes, mathematics and theater swirling with delight and trepidation, certainty and emptiness. Here, knowledge is brought into question and its service is relative. The act of experiencing becomes all that is necessary. Language talks itself out of being heard and its cognition divides itself spinning into the space of possibility, combining and refuting all previous acts, to become simultaneously periphery, center, and the border that holds them together.”