Supporting local producers with all fresh ingredients, never frozen, all home made recipes.

Black olive & sundried tomato spread with crostini     3
4 Mini garlic rolls     3  + sauce add 1
Bread brushed with olive oil/parmesan     2  +sauce add 1
Local cheese tray, served w/crostini & choice of 1: Gouda, Jalepeno, Chipotle, Tomato Basil or Cheddar     9.90
French cheese tray, served with crostini     10.90
Charcuterie: hand sliced cured meats from Kentucky & Europe, cheese & spread     15

SALADS served with homemade dressings: vinaigrette, balsamic or caesar. Add chicken for 4
Greens & fresh tomato     SM 3.5 / LG 6
Greek: fresh tomato, red onion, feta, kalamata, pepperoncini, oregano     SM 4.75 / LG 8.95
Caesar with house croutons     SM 4.25 / LG 7.50
Caprese: fresh tomato, fresh mozzarella, basil/oil     8.95
Combo:  fresh tomato, local eggplant, red pepper, fresh mozzarella     8.95

PIZZA dough made inhouse using Napolitana recipe passed down through generations
Bolognese: tomato sauce, mozzarella, meat sauce, oregano     9.95
Quattro Fromaggi: tomato sauce, four cheese, eggplant, grilled onion, red pepper, black olive     9.95
Portabella: mushroom, four cheese, garlic, oregano     9.75
Fresca: tomato sauce, fresh mozzarella, fresh basil     9.75
Feta’s: mozzarella, fresh tomato, red onion, feta, kalamata, olive oil, oregano     9.95
Napolitana: tomato sauce, mozzarella, anchovies, capers, oregano     9.75
Farmer Tommy’s Special: mozzarella, olive oil, country ham, portabella, pepperoncini     10
Verde: tomato sauce, mozzarella, portabella, spinach with light garlic, fresh diced tomato, oregano     10
Pesto: pesto sauce, chicken, grated Parmesan, sundried tomato, mozzarella     10

PASTA & OTHER   freshly sautéed and made to order, +chicken add 4
Baked Eggplant: thin slices of eggplant layered w/ pomodoro sauce & thick melted mozzarella     10
Baked ziti: garlic and oil fresh tomato or pomodoro      14
Baked ziti Bolognese (meat sauce)     15
Baked ziti 4 cheeses Alfredo     15.50
Spaghetti: garlic & oil, fresh tomato or pomodoro     12
Spaghetti Bolognese (meat sauce)     13
Spaghetti Alfredo     14
Ziti Salta Bocca: fresh tomato, pink sauce, portabella, spinach     15
Spaghetti w/Creamy Pesto     12.50

SANDWICHES on crispy homemade dough
Poulaga: chicken, grilled onion, white sauce, mozzarella      8.75
Rosana: local country ham, fresh tomato, basil infused olive oil, mozzarella     8.99
Cheese One: 4 cheeses, garlic butter, sundried tomato     8.50
Italiano: chicken, grated Parmesan, tomato sauce, mozzarella      8.75
Veggie: eggplant, red pepper, grilled onion, mozzarella      8.50
Caprese: fresh mozzarella, fresh tomato, infused olive oil     8.75
French mac: sautéed ground beef, grilled onion, ketchup, mozzarella     9

DESSERT   Ask about our daily-made special
Chocolate panini with ice cream     5
Cinnamon Apple with ice cream     6.50


Perrier, Fiji water, RC & Diet, Sunkist, Sun Drop, Big Red, A&W Root Beer, Snapple Mango Tea, Snapple Apple, 7-Up     2.50
Coffee, tea, lemonade     2
Espresso     2.75

Farmer & Frenchman is a Kentucky small farm vineyard winery established on 5th generation family land.  We strive to craft wine that mingles agrarian tradition with stylish interpretations of the French classics.  Farmer & Frenchman is committed to sustainable viticulture in order to preserve the natural beauty of our estate for future generations. Our list is a comingling of our Kentucky wines and French imports… a truly Farmer & Frenchman experience.    (***Available for carry out)

TAITTINGER CHAMPAGNE BRUT – celebrate with champagne! It is delicate, with aromas of peach, white flowers, vanilla pod, and brioche on the nose and flavors of fresh fruit and honey on the palate.

CREMANT DE LIMOUX SPARKLING WINE – Light bubbles, well balanced and long lasting.
$9 / 24

F&F RIESLING – a clean crisp white wine with floral and apple aromas.
$7 / 20   ***

F&F CHARDONNAY – un-oaked, fruit forward flavor with fruity aromas.
$7 / 20   ***   SOLD OUT!

PINOT GRIGIO – Northern Italian white wine, full of fruit, refreshing and light.
$6 / 17

SAUVIGNON BLANC – White wine from the South of France, simple & light classic – a great wine for appetizers.
$7 / 18

JADOT STEEL, CHARDONNAY – unoaked to keep it fresh and crisp. This young wine from Burgundy with firm minerality will amaze you.

SABLES D’AZUR ROSÉ – lots of fruit flavor.  The best rosé wines come from Provence, overlooking the Mediterranean Sea.
$ 9  /  24

SEEKER: Another version of Provence rosé, for your pleasure.
$6 / 17

ZIND HUMBRECHT, MUSCAT – French white wine, fruity nose with a dry finish, good with spicy food and strong cheese.

DOMAINE FERRÉ, POUILLY FUISSÉ – Chardonnay from Burgandy, France, perfect minerality, Pouilly Fuissé at its perfection.

F&F MERLOT – dry and velvety, the lightest of our red wines.
$8 / 21   ***

MICHELE CHIARLO BARBERA D’ASTI – Eat and drink like an italian! This red wine is light in tannin with good acidity, perfect with our pomodoro sauce.
$8 / 21

F&F OLD VINE ZINFANDEL – robust red with aromas of cherry and hint of peppery spice.
$8 / 22   ***

MONT REDON, CÔTES DU RHONE – Traditional blend including shiraz and grenache. Perfect with charcuterie tray and country ham pizza or aged cheese.
$9 / 29

SECRET VINES, HERITAGE RED BLEND – Syrah, Grenache, and Carignan blend.  Old vines 30-60 years old.
$8 / 24

F&F CABERNET SAUVIGNON – aged in KY oak for more than 6 months, with deep berry flavors and balanced aromas, one of our boldest red wines.
$9 / 26   ***

HAPPY VINE CABERNET SAUVIGNON – French Red wine, stronger in tannin than our version.  Pairs nicely with cheese.
$7 / 18

SECRET VINES, FRENCH MALBEC – harmony of violet, black currant and ripe cherry.  Supple and sensual, rich finish.
$8 / $24

F&F SPECIAL SELECT ROUGE – our favorite blend of traditional French favorites – cabernet sauvignon & petit verdot – with the bold and intense flavors that Americans love – petit shiraz.
$10 / 29   ***

MONT REDON, CHÂTEAU NEUF DU PAPE – French red from the Rhône area, cinsault, mouvréde, shiraz and Grenache. Outstanding wine with a ripe tannin, good with spice, perfect with our bolognese sauce.

MULAN ROAD – Washington, a small Cakebread vineyard, a typical Bordeaux blend 51% Cabernet, 37% Cabernet franc, 12% Merlot. Only 3500 cases. Simply elegant with light tannin.

NUIT ST GEORGES, PINOT NOIR – A powerful, tannic and full-bodied wine of intense color, Nuits-Saint-Georges offers robust fruit flavors and nuances of oak in the bouquet.

GEVREY CHAMBERTIN, PINOT NOIR – deep color with a multifaceted berry and red fruit bouquet, a full tannic structure and a mellow texture that carries into a lasting finish.

MICHELE CHIARLO MUSCATO D’ASTI – half bottle Sweet, fragrant, lightly sparkling, vivid flavors of peach and apricot on a light body with a delicate finish.

F&F SEMI-SWEET RIESLING – Taste of apple, citrus, peach and sweet honeydew.
$7 / 19   ***

REGGAE – Sweet White from Indiana.
$6 / 16

F&F KENTUCKY BLEU – Blueberry wine, our sweetest wine pairs well with one of our rich creamy desserts.
$6 / 16   ***

SEMI-SWEET ROSÉ – blend of Niagara,Catawba and Concorde.
$6 / 16   ***

BLACKBERRY   $6 / 16   ***


$3: Michelob Ultra, Bud Light

$4: Carson’s Fugitive, West 6 IPA, Sierra Nevada, Blue Moon, Killians, Stella Artois, Heineken, Hoegaarden