Farmer & Frenchman is a Kentucky small farm vineyard winery established on 5th generation family land. We strive to craft wine that mingles agrarian tradition with stylish interpretations of the French classics. Farmer & Frenchman is committed to sustainable viticulture in order to preserve the natural beauty of our estate for future generations. Our list is a comingling of our Kentucky wines and French imports… a truly Farmer & Frenchman experience. (***Available for carry out)

TAITTINGER CHAMPAGNE BRUT – celebrate with champagne! It is delicate, with aromas of peach, white flowers, vanilla pod, and brioche on the nose. Flavors of fresh fruit and honey on the palate. $69

CREMANT DE LIMOUX SPARKLING WINE – Light bubbles, well balanced and long lasting. $8 / 22

SPARKLING ROSE DE LIMOUX – This 6th generation of women wine makers developed a fresh and delicate flavor. $10 / 26

F&F RIESLING – with a northern New York grape and straight forward processing our Riesling is fruity. $7 / 20 ***

F&F CHARDONNAY – made with Washington state grapes, straightforward processing for crispness. $7 / 20 ***

LE FRENCH FROG, CHARDONNAY – light oak, firm tannins, this southern chardonnay is an easy white wine. $8 / 26

HAPPY VINE PINOT GRIGIO – Northern Italian white wine, full of fruit, refreshing and light. $7 / 19

HAPPY VINE SAUVIGNON BLANC – White wine from the South of France – simple, and light – great wine for appetizers. $7 / 19

SECRET VINES, SAUVIGNON BLANC – This Burgundy exception will surprise you – peach aroma, very fresh and herbal. $9 / 30

SECRET VINES, CHENIN BLANC – From Loire area, French wine’s flavor comes from the ocean breeze and coastal soil. $9 / 30

JADOT STEEL, CHARDONNAY – Unoaked to keep it fresh and crisp. Young wine from Burgundy with firm minerality. $9 / 30

MAISON SALEYA ROSE – Lots of fruit flavor! The best rosé wines come from Provence, overlooking the Mediterranean. $9 / 27

SECRET VINES ROSE – Another version of Provence rosé, with an unique blend of Grenache, cinsault, shiraz and carignan. $9 / 27

DOMAINE FERRÉ, POUILLY FUISSÉ – Chardonnay from Burgundy – perfect minerality, Pouilly Fuissé at its perfection. $65

IL PRINCIPE – 100% Nebbiolo, medium intensity. Perfect with meat, a great value compare to a Barolo! $11 / 34

F&F CABERNET – dry with strong tannin, nice bold Californian grape $9 / 29 ***

F&F MERLOT – dry and velvety, the lightest of our red wines $8 / 26 ***

MICHELE CHIARLO, BARBERA D’ASTI – Eat and drink like an Italian! This red wine is light in tannin with good acidity, perfect with our pomodoro sauce. $8 / 23

SARMENT, CÔTE DU RHONE – Rich and full with moderate oak and a nice structure. $9 / 30

SECRET VINES, HERITAGE RED BLEND – Syrah, Grenache, and Carignan blend from old vines, 30-60 years old. $9 / 30

HAPPY VINES CABERNET SAUVIGNON – Red wine, stronger in tannin than our version. Pairs nicely with cheese. $7 / 19

SECRET VINES FRENCH MALBEC – harmony of violet, black currant and ripe cherry on the nose. Supple rich finish. $9 / 30

SECRET VINES TEMPRANILLO ROBLE/SPAIN – Rich nose and ripe fruits with some vanilla. A rich finish. $9 / 30

SARMENT, CHÂTEAU NEUF DU PAPE – A wonderful dark brick color with rustic earthy flavor. $52

MULAN ROAD BLEND/Washington – small cakebread vineyard offering a Bordeaux blend. Elegant with light tannin. $60

KULETO NATIVE SON BLEND/California – A perfect red blend that is earthy, rich and intense. $11 / 35

LE FRENCH FROG, PINOT NOIR – south of France sun gives a medium-bodied wine with good acidity, fruity and smooth. $8 / 26

ARTCHERY SUMMIT, PINOT NOIR/Oregon – This powerful and excellent pinot noir will pair most of our food. $81

RESONANCE, PINOT NOIR – Jadot from Burgundy! From Oregon, soft tannins and pleasant minerality. $79

NUIT ST GEORGES, PINOT NOIR Jadot – A powerful, tannic and full-bodied wine of intense color, Nuits-Saint Georges offers robust fruit flavors and nuances of oak in the bouquet. $93

GEVREY CHAMBERTIN, PINOT NOIR Jadot – Deep color with a multifaceted berry and red fruit bouquet, a full tannic structure and a mellow texture that carries into a lasting finish. $90

POMMARD, PINOT NOIR Jadot – Pommard is often considered the most “masculine” Côte de Beaune red. This is a firm, full-bodied wine that is exceptionally round and generous, with a fruity depth of character and earthy aromas and flavors. $111

MICHELE CHIARLO, MUSCATO D’ASTI – Sweet, fragrant, lightly sparkling, flavors of peach and apricot, light body. $20


DRESSED UP FARM GIRL Blanche – Catawba, Niagara $6/ 16 ***

DRESSED UP FARM GIRL Rouge – Concord red $6 / 16 ***

DRESSED UP FARM GIRL Rosé – Catawba, Niagara, concord $6/ 16 ***

KENTUCKY BLUE – Blueberry $6/16 ***

MOSCATO – from California $6 / 16

CHOCCA-CON – chocolate concord dessert wine 375ml $6 / 16 ***

COFFEE PORT – A perfect to end your dinner. 375ml $9 / 19 ***

Michelob Ultra 3
Michelob Amber bock 3
Bud Light 3
Fat Tire 4
West 6 IPA 4
West 6 Amber 4
West 6 lemon grass IPA 4
Sierra Nevada pale ale 4
Blue Moon 4
Killians 4
Stella Artois 4
Ranger IPA 4
Hoegaarden 4

OLD FORESTER BOURBON $5 add soft drink +$2
TITO’S VODKA $5 add soft drink +$2
SAILOR JERRY RUM $5 add soft drink +$2
HENDRICKS GIN $6 add soft drink +$2
BELLE DE BRILLET – Cognac and pear liquor, finish your diner as a French! $8